Blog > They met us at our budget level at each and every turn.

They met us at our budget level at each and every turn.

Category: | Date: July 2022

Written By: Darby Simmons – Simmons Partnership

Written By: Darby Simmons – Simmons Partnership

[Strix TG] was willing to work with us when we set up our firm 8 years ago.  They made sure all of the basic IT functionality that we needed was taken care of including all of our hardware purchases. As our company grew and our needs became more sophisticated, they met us at our budget level at each and every turn.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are regulated by the SEC and that carries a very heavy burden to provide top-notch cyber security protection for our advisory clients.  [Strix TG] suggested that we switch to their Managed Services arrangement as a more full-services, proactive approach on their side was advisable.

We’ve been very happy with the services provided and appreciate the weekly “IT Security Tip of the Week” as it keeps us from opening ourselves up to common security lapses.  In particular, the personalized, on-site, visits allow us to put faces with the names and make sure there are no vulnerabilities within our practice.

We would encourage companies of all sizes and levels of sophistication to talk to Tim about their IT needs as [Strix TG] has allowed us to concentrate on serving clients and managing investments instead of getting mired in IT updates, back-ups, and software updates.”

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