Computer SHIELD

By invading your computer devices, cybercriminals gain an entry-point to your valuable company data. Today’s attackers can easily evade traditional anti-virus so you need advanced protection to ensure your data remains safe.

By employing an entire suite of protective measures including automated OS and software updates and advanced endpoint protection, your computer network traffic and internal activities are monitored and contained to ensure illicit behavior does not gain a foothold. And when things out of the ordinary do occur, our analysts will review the event to determine if you and your data are at risk.

We’ve got an eye on the security of your systems. You keep your eye on the prize of business success.

What it Includes:
  • Computer Health Monitoring
  • Endpoint Updates and Protection
  • Advanced Endpoint VPN
  • DNS Filtering
  • Device Asset Management
  • Integrated Remote Access

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Mailbox SHIELD

Perhaps the most central attack vector of cyber criminals on your business is your email. With a myriad of ways to trick and confuse you into clicking the wrong thing or replying to the wrong person, Business Email Compromise is very real and very dangerous.

Through enhanced filtering, phishing identification, automated backups, and advanced encryption, your email will become a hard target for cyber criminals to hit. Our systems and professional analysts will also be constantly monitoring for abnormal email behavior that indicate potential issues before they result in a full compromise.

Use your email confidently, knowing we have your back.

What it includes:

  • Anti-phishing Protection and Management
  • Enhanced Content Filtering
  • Office 365 Backup and Recovery
  • Office 365 Monitoring and Alerting
  • Encrypted Email and File Sharing

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Network Shield

Hackers use automated tools to constantly scan your network for old and new vulnerabilities. With the world flooded with notoriously insecure networking equipment, criminals often have their pick of networks to compromise for nefarious gain. And never mind the exponential increase in network insecurity caused by the growing prevalence of remote working.

Whether your employees are on site, travelling, or working from home, they are protected hardware and/or software firewalls, content filtering, DNS filtering, and traffic encryption. Our protection and monitoring services ensure your data communication is kept safe and secure.

Communicate confidently knowing that your sensitive data is protected from prying eyes.

What it includes:

  • Network Security Gateway
  • Integrated Wireless Access Points
  • Integrated Switch
  • Dedicated Remote VPN

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User Shield

The weakest point of any cybersecurity effort is the end user. You and your employees have many distractions and are often against the gun to get work done. Cyber criminals take advantage of that dynamic tricking you to do their bidding.

With team password management, cybersecurity training, and robust detection of and response to potentially unwanted behavior, your business is protected from inadvertent employee actions that could cost your business everything.

Build greater trust in your employees cyber activity, knowing we’re there to make them better users.

What it includes:

  • Team Password Management
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Managed Detection and Response

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Company Shield

Cybercriminals often try to hide their activities by attacking points in your technology infrastructure that change often or are often rarely checked. Our company shield not only reviews your infrastructure such as public DNS and domain settings, server configurations, and Microsoft 365 environment but we document it daily and review it for changes that indicate unwanted activity.

We will also perform monthly external vulnerability scans on your website and network to find any holes attackers may try to use to infiltrate your systems. Don’t leave the security of your company’s IT environment to chance, leave it to us and rest assured someone is watching your back.

What it includes:

  • Infrastructure monitoring and documentation
  • Company Cybersecurity Platform

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