Cloud Computing

Cloud Solutions Have Long-Lasting Value in Healthcare

Category: Cloud Computing, Healthcare | Date: March 2021

Healthcare organizations should no longer be hesitant when adopting cloud computing, as the technology has become more ubiquitous and easy to use. If you know how to manage the cloud...

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Secure your data in the cloud

Category: Cloud Computing, Cyber Security | Date: March 2021

Data breaches are a common occurrence in today’s business environment. While many businesses have turned to cloud applications for better productivity, scalability, and savings, some business owners worry that the...

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Better Business Forecasting with Power BI for Microsoft 365

Category: Cloud Computing, Healthcare | Date: February 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an application that could help predict risks and opportunities for your business products or services? Microsoft has turned this concept into reality with...

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The 3 Primary Cloud Service Models and How They Differ

Category: Cloud Computing | Date: February 2021

The many benefits of cloud computing enable businesses to easily manage workloads, obtain valuable insights from massive amounts of data, and gain a competitive advantage. But with the many different...

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Biometrics Authentication Is The Way To Go With Data Security

Category: Cloud Computing, Cyber Security | Date: January 2021

Data loss is a bigger concern than ever nowadays, as cyberattackers are getting creative with their breaches and exploits. So it’s a smart choice to add layers of security —...

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