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We Have a New Website

Category: Business, Cyber Security, IT Support Services | Date: August 2022

In an effort to bring you the best digital experience and better represent the technology services we have to offer, we created an updated website! On our site, you’ll find any and everything of importance to us and our customers.

1. Easily Contact Us

We have multiple locations to connect you to us, so we can provide you with the best services. There are easy-to-contact options at all locations, but we also included a general questions contact form on the site under the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

2. Blog for How Tos, The Latest, and What You Need To Know

In our blog, we have information provided regular to keep you up to date on what you need to know.

3. Get Supported & Get Protected

Whether you are looking to ensure your systems are secure, or if you are in need of an IT team to handle all or some of your IT needs, we have all the info you could need to get started. Learn more about our Cyber Security and IT Support services.

4. Whooo Are We?

Strix was named after the protective Owl motif. You can learn more about our history and our team here. You’ll soon find out how important is that we not only get to know your company but you as well! We strive to make our services just as personal as they are technical.

5. The Proof

We have a whole page dedicated to testimonials our customers have written about their experience with Strix TG. Take a look at some of them here.

6. Partners

We work with the best in the industry. You can see each of our partnerships including Adobe, Cloudflare, Datto, LastPass, Microsoft, Ring Central, Xerox, and MANY more. Take a look at the bottom of the home page for more.

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