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Maintaining, updating and integrating technology can be a full-time endeavor, taking focus away from your business. That’s why we offer reliable IT services. Our flat-rate managed IT support service plans help you turn technology into an investment, rather than just an expense.

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At Strix, we employ multiple layers of protection to shore up the holes commonly used by cybercriminals to steal your business's data or gain access to its systems. Our comprehensive cyber security SHIELDS are built around the NIST 800-171 standards, so we're able to protect your IT systems even if you have a complex cyber security requirements resulting from HIPPA, PCI, SOC, CMMC, cyber insurance, or other major contractors.

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Strix Technology Group

Our managed services put your mind at ease by continually providing the highest quality of work in a professional and competent manner.


Back in 2002, managing partner, Tim Niles began his adventure as a business owner when he created his tech company, Technology Support Services, Inc. in Maryland. In 2008, managing partner David DeArmond started his journey as a business owner by creating Strix Louisiana, a technology company. After meeting at a marketing event in 2012, Tim and David realized how likeminded they were in their family and business lives. It is evident that they both have a good sense of family and a love for their employees. Having been friends for a decade, Tim and David decided to join forces in 2022, founding Strix Technology Group.

Like so many others, we started our own business because we could do it better than the others we had seen floundering their way around the IT services world. Working with people is our passion. At Strix, it’s not just about the business; it’s about the people. We are interested in learning how they grew their business, understanding their challenges, and supporting them. We can help protect their most important assets by guiding them through the IT maze. It is this energy that allows StrixTG to tackle the tough challenges of running a business. From the start, we decided that any business we started would be guided by family values and orientation. We have often used the saying “Family First” when discussing business decisions. Our clients are our family; we look out for them, and their best interests. At StrixTG, we feel we have found a better, simpler and more secure way to manage IT. Everything our team does revolves around helping businesses simplify their technology environment, while simultaneously improving their environment to create a more competitive company for them overall. In today’s IT environment, cyber-attacks have forced us to include security in everything we do. We create BETTER, SIMPLER, and SECURE IT infrastructures that prepare businesses to seize the day and dominate their market.

Throughout our history, we’ve heard our clients say that we’re different (in a GREAT way). Our clients are treated with respect, we care about them, and we speak their language (we explain the tech in English). Our clients don’t feel rushed or degraded. Our team respects each individual, gets to know them, and determines how they work best.

The difference between us and our competitors lies in this – RELATIONSHIPS.

Our Team

David DeArmond

Managing Partner

Tim Niles

Managing Partner

Terry Bohach

Senior Support Technician

Pete Serra

Support Technician

Layton Crawford

Support Technician

Courtney White

Administrative Specialist

Candace DeArmond

Marketing & Documentation Specialist

Chris Dix


Why You'll LOVE Us!!

  • With our full-service and flat rates, you’ll never have to worry if a technician spends excess time on an issue.
  • Recurring issues cost us additional labor, so we resolve issues down to the root cause, keeping your IT systems as stable as possible.
  • Our technology grows with you, so you can expand as needed.
  • Our staff stays abreast of the changes and opportunities in technology; this along with understanding your business prepares us to implement changes as needed to keep your business running smoothly and securely.
  • Our goal is to not only understand your IT environment but to also get to know you and your employees, so we can provide the best service for you.


We offer a portfolio of services that can be tailored to your needs, including:

Managed IT Services


Cyber Security Services

Network Security

Cloud Hosting Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery


IT Services